About a year ago STMONY was asked if we could explore the work of an international, non-profit, environmental organization called the Global Sports Alliance (GSA) As an official partner of the United Nations Environment Programme, the GSA’s mission is to promote environmental awareness and action among more than one billion sport enthusiasts worldwide.  Once we looked into their efforts, it was easy to give our support to their work.

Sport is a medium through which we can teach about the importance of protecting our natural environment. Without borders or divides, sport is enjoyed worldwide - on all levels and across all ages.  The GSA global network of sport and outdoor recreation enthusiasts wants to leave a healthy environment for our future generations by spreading a new concept, “Ecoplay”, as a fundamental part of sportsmanship. “Ecoplay” means to enrich nature, save energy, reduce material consumption and all other aspects of rebuilding a healthy world.  The Ecoflag is the GSA symbol of this commitment.

Sports enthusiasts understand the importance of the natural ecosystem and its basic products, such as clean air and clean water, to our health and performance. Many sport organizations, events and athletes are already working with the GSA in many different countries around the world to promote environmental stewardship. The Ecoflag has become the symbol of these actions and serves to unite the individual efforts of these different groups into a global initiative.  GSA Teams around the world now total over one hundred with GSA-USA newly active and rapidly growing.  GSA-New York was formed in 2007 with sports turf manager Kevin Trotta serving as its Team Captain.

GSA-New York will work with us in managing a new feature on our website, The Green Corner, which will focus on up-to-date sports and the environment news and information and report on GSA activities. 

In the coming months, STMONY and GSA-NY will work toward strengthening this collaboration and forging a partnership in recognition of our shared commitment to ‘consider the environment’ in the management of sports facilities.


New York Team